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How to Strengthen your Professional Profile for American Immigration?

For various types of visas, such as the EB-1, EB-2, EB-2 NIW, L-1 and O-1, the professional profile of the immigrant is essential. Therefore, here are some recommendations on strengthening your professional profile in preparation for a future application for an American visa.

• Awards and Contributions

– Keep a record of all the awards, honorable mentions, scholarships for merit, and other recognitions that you receive in the area or that your group or company has received thanks to a significant contribution from you

– Document original scientific, academic, artistic, athletic, or business contributions you have generated in your area

– Sign up to participate in contests or competitions in your area

• Diplomas, Certifications, and Licenses

– Save all the diplomas and academic certifications that you have received in the area

– Keep a record of all the licenses that you or your company have in the area

• Organizations and Associations

– Keep a record of your membership in associations in the area and specify how the selection process for members is (if it requires an invitation, minimum experience time, what percentage of applicants are received, etc.) and if you have or have had honorary positions within the organization.

– Investigate which associations have greater national and international recognition in the area and try to become a member

• Publications and Exhibitions

– Keep copies of all the articles, theses, investigations, books, and other publications that you have written (as an author or co-author) and specify how the process was to achieve publication (how difficult is it to publish in that medium, does it require a minimum of experience or education, what percentage of authors are selected, etc.).

– Keep a record of all the exhibitions in which you have presented your work.

– Keep copies of all articles, news, reports, or other publications that have been published about you, your companies, your achievements, or recognitions in the area.

– Try to write articles and publish them in magazines, newspapers, or other nationally or internationally recognized media in your area of ​​activity.

• Authority and Leadership

– Keep a record of all the times you have acted as a jury, referee, or in another similar position in your area.

– Keep a record of all the leadership positions you have had in organizations, companies, or associations in your area.

– Keep receipts of all the courses or seminars you have taught in the area and include years, institution, and selection process to be a teacher or presenter.

– Sign up to teach courses or seminars, present at congresses, or to be an academic assistant in your area of ​​activity.

• Economic success

– Keep records of your salary along with contemporary comparisons in your area and include any evidence demonstrating the skills or expertise that earned you that higher salary.

– Record all the commercial successes that you or your companies have had and include the performance of similar companies or people in your area.